• Letianpai Box Matter mmWave Radar Smart Sensor

    Letianpai Box Human Presence sensor, The World’s First mmWave Radar Smart Sensor With Matter

    Letianpai Box is the world's first Matter mmWave Radar, has multiple Smart Sensors such as mmWave Radar detection, PIR detection, light sensing, temperature, and humidity. The maximum detection distance is 8 meters, the static human body detection distance is 4 meters, and it has a 130° ultra-wide viewing angle. The detection distance is adjustable. The product adopts magnetic attraction, the angle is adjustable, and the human presence judgment can achieve second-level response. It also has a professional light sensor of 0-10,000 lux. Using Matter over WiFi, it has comprehensive and open functions. Users can make various custom settings and multiple judgment methods to achieve precise coordination with their own smart…

  • Letianpai Robot Rux Robot Global ChatGPT AI Epet
    Rux Robot Information

    Rux Robot Gallery

    Rux Robot, produced by Letianpai, is a powerful and intelligent AI robot. Its design is inspired by aerospace technology. It is 15.5 cm tall, equipped with a 2.1-inch screen and an RGB energy ring. It supports multimodal interactions such as ChatGPT voice, voice communication in 13 languages, gesture commands or APP control. It has various functions such as chatting, reminder display, and work assistance, such as querying the weather, setting schedule reminders, and showing the number of fans. It can also be connected to multiple AI large models, has a 5-megapixel ultra-clear camera, and can realize remote monitoring, two-way audio and video calls, and photo taking. It supports both Android…

  • Letianpai Box | Smart Sensor | mmWave Radar | Matter

    Letianpai Box Official Video

    Letianpai Box, featuring mmWave Radar and Matter Smart Sensor, is a powerful smart home device. It supports Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung Smartthings, Tuya, etc. It adopts a five-in-one detection mode such as millimeter-wave radar, can accurately sense the presence of the human body and tiny movements, with a maximum detection distance of 8 meters and an angle of 130°; it supports all Matter multi-ecological accesses, without the need for a third-party gateway or APP; it has high sensitivity and low power consumption characteristics, with a standby power consumption of only 0.5mW; it has various installation methods and can easily set smart scenes, such as turning on the…

  • Rux Robot
    Letianpai News

    What kind of company is Letianpai?

    Letianpai company is committed to the productization and implementation of mature AI technology. Its products are designed centering on people and families, aiming to create products with excellent user experience and ultimate human-computer interaction through the empowerment of AI. Letianpai values the exploration of AI technology and pays more attention to the real demands of consumers in life. It uses AI as the core to drive hardware and provides practical value for users in consumption scenarios.

  • Rux Robot Privatization Model Configuration Description and Interface Agreement
    Rux Robot,  Rux Robot FAQ

    Privatization Model Configuration Description and Interface Agreement

    It mainly introduces the configuration instructions and interface protocol of the Rux Robot AI GPT privatization model. The specific contents include: The configuration instructions of the application program, as shown in the figure, require relevant settings in the Letianpai App to default the connection of other voices except the basic control statements of the robot to the interface of the third-party private large model. The calling conventions of the privatization large model interface, including the request method, request content type, request body format, and the agreement on the return data format, etc. The demo sdk sample code of the Golang version is provided. The process of the AI model matching…

  • Rux Robot AI ChatGPT
    Rux Robot FAQ

    How to install a third-party app?

    This article mainly describes the steps on how to install third-party applications on the Rux Robot. The robot can support the installation of any third-party Android applications, but it should be noted that various non-robot Android applications installed may not be compatible with the robot, and the experience may not be very good. However, you can still feel the power of the Letianpai robot.