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    What kind of company is Letianpai?

    Letianpai company is committed to the productization and implementation of mature AI technology. Its products are designed centering on people and families, aiming to create products with excellent user experience and ultimate human-computer interaction through the empowerment of AI. Letianpai values the exploration of AI technology and pays more attention to the real demands of consumers in life. It uses AI as the core to drive hardware and provides practical value for users in consumption scenarios.

  • Letianpai News

    The Rux Robot has been shipped. tracking information Query guide

    Important Information Dear family members, Thank you for your continued support of Rux Robot. We want to show our gratitude. Rux Robot has already finished production of the first batch of products, and for those who purchase within the first 30 days on Indiegogo, we will ship you first. And will continue to complete the delivery of subsequent orders. The tracking number has been successfully uploaded to your Indiegogo order account. Please login to check the status. You can use the following website to query the specific logistics information: Carrier: stone3pl Website: https://www.stone3pl.com/ Please note that the shipped orders are now locked. If you have any inquiries or concerns, feel free to reach out to us…