About us

Hello, Letianpai

Founded in August 2022, Letianpai is a consumer brand specializing in AI + IoT hardware product development. Our products are designed around people and their homes, integrating AI technology into these scenarios. We firmly believe that future tech gadgets are not mere lifeless devices but are empowered by AI, creating products with exceptional user experiences and unparalleled human-machine interactions. Technology should not only solve problems and make life more convenient but also bring warmth and joy to people’s lives. In this captivating era of the future, Letianpai is a pioneer, exploring the endless possibilities of this exciting journey.

Letianpai Culture – Exploring the Future

Our team’s personality is that of optimists, as we are positive and proactive. We have a strong passion for learning, a desire for growth, and a geeky spirit that drives us to explore new and exciting things. We welcome friends who share the same optimistic spirit to join us.


Creating products that users love


To become a cool company trusted by users


Freedom and Responsibility


The core team of Letianpai comes from leading technology companies both domestic and international, including Xiaomi, Baidu, Haier, Sina, General Motors, Siemens, and more. With abundant experience in product development and a wealth of technical expertise, we are dedicated to creating intelligent home and consumer hardware products, harnessing the power of AI in these innovations. If you share our passion for technology products, we warmly welcome you to join us on this exciting journey.



The 9th founding member of Xiaomi, formerly served as Senior Product Director in Xiaomi’s ecosystem chain, Vice General Manager of Xiaomi’s Home Appliance Division, and Vice General Manager of Xiaomi’s Mobile Software Division. Possesses rich product experience and led the team in creating a series of phenomenal products such as Xiaomi Smart Door Lock, Mi Vacuum Cleaner, Mi Refrigerator, and Mi Washing Machine.



Top-notch full-stack designer, seasoned expert in industrial and graphic design, recipient of numerous awards, and possesses extensive experience in the development of technology products.



She possesses extensive experience in user operation, having served as a regional host for CCTV’s website, Director of Xiaomi’s User Platform Department, and Senior Planner in the Marketing Department. She is an expert in user operation and private domain traffic, and played a crucial role in Xiaomi’s early stage as a specialist in managing and strategizing user engagement and private domain traffic.


R&D Manger

With 12 years of development experience, he has served as an expert member at Sina Weibo and Xiaomi Mall. Possessing rich R&D experience targeting millions of users, he is also an enthusiast in open-source hardware.